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Referral Program

Aidan Technologies / Referral Program


Basically, you send us business, and we will give you money. That’s it.


  • Discover a potential customer that is seriously searching for a business solution that is relevant to our expertise.
  • Pass their contact details to us including the type of solution that they are looking for. We will do homework to know more about them.
  • We will call the potential customer for the first meeting. It is best if you could join us. That would make it a real powerhouse meeting.
  • We’ll take care of the remaining steps. If we successfully close the deal, just wait for the commission payment from us.

That’s it, really!


We do have some basic rules for the program. Please read closely:

  • The commission is 10% from sales. However, web hosting, domain name registration and off the shelf items are excluded in this program. This deal is valid only for custom software, portal and mobile app development.
  • If the customer is private company, the commission is only effective upon at least 40% of deposit payment from the customer.
  • If the customer is government agency, the commission is only effective upon:-
    • 100% payment from the customer, if the project has no progress payment plan.
    • minimum of 20% initial payment, if the project has a structured progress payment plan.
  • If you refer a deal that we already know, than there is no commission for you. No deal.
  • If we successfully close the deal with the potential customer that you referred to us, there might be a case where the same customer will contact us directly for other project(s). Your commission will be for the 1st project only. There will be no commission for any succession project(s) with the same customer, unless the customer themselves contact us through you for a new deal.
  • There will be no recurring commission structure for any project, unless we told you so.
  • There is no multi pay-out levels. This is not a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) program either. If your friend contacted you to pass us any business, the commission will still be 10% only. We do not interfere into your agreement with your friend on the percentage of commission divided among you.
  • This deal will work smoothly, only if we have mutual trust between us.

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