Aidan Technologies is a world-class digital agency based in Malaysia, that focuses on creating innovative digital solutions.
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Mobile App Development

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We create Mobile Apps.

Our app developers build native and hybrid mobile applications on IOS, Android, and Windows, for a variety of mobile devices and tablets.

Mobile App Design

We develop aesthetically pleasing mobile apps that syncs automatically with your website or systems, or develop complex mobile apps with specific features and functions.

Hybrid Mobile App

Our cross-platform mobile apps that are developed using HTML5 are focused on performance and user experience. We also make use of phone functions such as call, messaging, maps, and camera.

IOS, Android, or Windows

Our team is very familiar with IOS, Android, and Windows platform and SDK, and have experience in publishing in Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store, and Microsoft’s Windows store.

Coaching, Training & Support

We have conducted hundreds of hands-on training and coaching, catering to different needs and skill levels, as well as provide maintenance and support services.

Recent Mobile App Projects

We’ve worked with a slew of different startup and enterprise clients.
Our apps are gorgeous, easy-to-use, and most important of all, useful.

We’re ready to take on your next project.