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System Development

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We build Systems & Applications

Our application team consists of business analysts, information architects, UI/UX designers, programmers, database experts, technical writers, quality personnel, and server experts.

System Development

Our team can be involved throughout the project cycle, including from planning: system requirement, user requirement, system architecture, etc.

Application Development

Our team primarily uses PHP and MySQL but has the expertise to develop project development in Java, JavaScript, SQL, Python and other languages.

Software & Hardware Integrations

We have experience in integrating systems with a myriad of third-party software, API, and database, as well as various hardware devices and equipment.

Transfer of Technology (TOT) & Support

To ensure sustainability, development projects usually culminates in training and coaching sessions, followed by continuous support from our Customer Care team.

Recent System Projects

We’re no stranger to large architectures, third-party integrations and working side-by-side with our client’s internal technology teams - on systems that optimize processes, increase accountability, boost profitability, or compliment existing operations

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